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Euro Finans Diving Lund

Welcome back, Euro Finans Diving Lund 1-4 November 2018

Great Diving New Friend!

We believe that a diving meet is a great way to meet new friends from other parts of the world.

SK Poseidon and Lund have hosted the international diving meet Diving Lund with guests from all over the world. The Diving Lund story begins in 1981, when the Högevall pool still was brand new (It is renovated since 2012). The first seven years the meet was called Speedo Cup, but since 1988 it has been called Diving Lund. We have had visitors from all over the world, from Australia and China to USA and Canada.

Our European friends have allways taken part faithfully. Lund, situated in the centre of the attractive and expansive Öresund region in southern Sweden, is one of the oldest cities in Sweden with a history more than one thousand years old. Over the centuries it has earned a reputation for being a place where people meet, and, today, more than ever, Lund is a meeting place for ideas and creativity. Here, the university, science-­‐park, multicultural atmosphere and historical surroundings make up a unique combination. This, along with its central situation, has turned Lund into an international city where ideas are born- ideas that build enterprises and achieve success both nationally and internationally. (

Please note that entry for spectators is free, but they will need to get a bar code ticket from the front desk at Högevall (just askt for it) to be let in.

Invitation Euro Finans Diving Lund 1-4 november 2018 :



Wednesday:   17.00-20.00

Thursday:       09.00-competition starts

Friday:           07.00- competition starts

Saturday:       07.00- competition starts

Sunday:         07.00- competition starts



The competition starts on Thursday at 16.00 and will finish on Sunday no later than 16.00.

Technical meeting

There will be a technical meeting in the Diving Lund office on Thursday at 14.00


Coaches party

On Friday we are happy to invite all coaches and officials to a social gathering at the Diving Lund office for some snacks and mingle.


Diving Party

On Saturday there will be a party for all divers, coaches and officials.

Events and Series 2018

(FINA 2017-2021 rules)


International group

Women: 1m, 3m and tower: Five (5) dives from five (5) different groups, without limit of degree of difficulty.
Men: 1m and 3m: Six (6) dives from five (5) different groups without limit of degree of difficulty
Tower: Six (6) dives from six (6) different groups without limit of degree of difficulty.

A-group (born 2000-2002)

FINAs A-series on 1m and 3m (Girls 5+4 dives & Boys 5+5 dives) 
 5-10 m (Girls 4+4 dives & Boys 4+5 dives

(born 2003-20034

FINAs B-series on 1m and 3m (Girls 5+3 dives & Boys 5+4 dives)
5-10 m (Girls 4+3 dives & Boys 4+4 dives).

(born 2005-)


FINA’s C-series on 1m and 3m (Girls 5+2 dives & Boys 5+3 dives)        
5-7,5 m (Girls 4+2 dives & Boys 4+3 dives).

If the number of divers in an event is 30 or more, the event will be divided in two age groups

The pool Högevall in Lund was built in 1980. After 30 years of serving the citizens, it was time to modernise and grow bigger. During 2011 and 2012 the pool has been through a major renovation. The diving pool has been isolated from the rest of the pools and a spectator stands has been built. Diving Facilities are

        2 * 1 meter Maxiflex springboards

        2 * 3 meter Maxiflex springboards

        3-5-7½-10 meter platform

        Dry land springboard (Maxiflex)

        Bubble machine

Registration 2018
Important information about registration

We must have your entry forms no later than September 30th. Please use web registration forms:

Divers and Officals


There is a total maximum of 150 divers.

Diving sheets

For diving sheets please use the link to hand in online (opens September 30th):

Entry fee

The entry fee is 200 SEK/start. (Diving Lund T-shirt is included). Entries arriving after September 30th will be charged 300 SEK/start.



Both entry fees, accommodation and food shall be payed before arrival otherwise the registration will be cancelled.

Cancellations shorter than 1 week before arrival won´t be accepted.

Contact Information


Telephone:  +46-46-12 82 60 (SK Poseidon office)

Address: SK Poseidon Box 1555, SE-221 01 Lund, Sweden

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